Dual Drive Oxygen Sensor Wrench

Dual Drive Oxygen Sensor Wrench


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Features and Benefits:

  • Can be driven with a 1/2″ breaker bar from the end, create your own handle
  • Also has standard 3/8″ drive on top of tool for use with a ratchet
  • Neck design fits many oxygen sensors with heat shields
  • Forged and heat-treated for superior strength
  • Six point design helps prevent slipping like 12 point tools
  • Use with a breaker bar to loosen stubborn oxygen sensors. Tool comes with both 1/2 and 3/8 drive. Attach a 1/2 breaker bar on the end of the tool to initially loosen stuck sensors. Use a 3/8 ratchet on the top for fast removal and installation. Fits oxygen sensor applications with a heat shield. Slotted body allows clearance for wire harnesses. Forged, heat-treated steel with six-Point design will withstand high torque removal applications.




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