Metro Datavac 3 Vac Blower

Metro Datavac 3 Vac Blower


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METRO Vac DataVac MDV-3BA Vacuum/Blower – Black Body/Black Attachments. Includes: Deluxe Power Unit (1.7 PHP 2 Speed Motor), Cord Storage Halo, 3′ Flexible Hose, 2-20′ Extension Wands, PikAll Nozzle, Powerizer Air Maximizer, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Air Pin Pointer, Shoulder Strap 3 Disposable Bags, plus 4 pc. Micro Cleaning Tool Kit. For maximum maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning flick the switch to “high” and get the full use of Data-Vac/3’s 1.7 PHP Motor. Toner pick-up capability and 50% more power than the MDV-2BA. (Includes all MDV-2BA features and accessories.

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